Invaluable Tactics for Android Application Marketing

Anyone can write an Android application by downloading a software development kit (SDK). Actually, it is an open platform, which provides the scope to develop hundreds of applications. The team of developers provides help through the development and testing phase. The ease of development and implementation is the basic reason for the success of Android. The marketing of the Android app is comparable to iPhone app marketing. There are many marketing strategies that benefit Android apps and not other products. Here are the tips and techniques for Android application marketing.


To begin with, make a splash page that generates interest in the app. The splash page serves as an over-all introduction to the software. The page should be filled up with some attractive graphics, information about the app, and branding. Having some appreciation of SEO is important in regards to the description of the Android app. Work with a title and description giving a clear indication of what the app is about. The greater the description the higher the opportunity of coming up in the app marketplace.

A group where it fits

This can be a challenging phase of Android marketing, as some apps fit under several category. Selecting the proper category will take some serious thought if the developer wants to get the most out of the sales. AC Market An Android application must include a wallpaper, which is a screen decoration for the users to hold their instruments. To be listed in several categories, developers must use widgets, plug-ins, and wallpapers. The more categories an Android app can be listed under the better.

Quality of graphics

This can be a big area of the marketing and selling pitch. High-quality icons and graphical images will show pride in creating the app and attract buyers. Many application creators pay designers to generate images and icons for them. So, it is very important to generate applications with high-quality images and graphics.


The buying price of the Android app will surely play a substantial role in the marketing strategy. There are several people who’ll never pay just one penny for an application, while there are numerous individuals who buy a great one. So, the price should be fixed on keeping with the caliber of the app being sold. Don’t forget to charge what the app may be worth it.

Create a video

Developers can work with a teaser video to exhibit a number of the app’s wonderful features in action. It’s super easy to produce such a video with background narration of the app. If the Android app is actually great, it can do the remaining job in itself.

As well as the aforementioned points, people will find the app useful if it is unique and meet their needs. Despite of a large number of applications, people always lookout for apps that meet their needs or provide entertainment.

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